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This beautiful collection of 20 Helen Steiner Rice poems has been set to music by Jonathan Urie as the Musical Moment Series. It was orchestrated and produced by Mr. Bill Walker of Nashville, Tennessee. The vocal artists Gail Farrell, Guy Penrod, Gary McSpadden and Jeanine Walker offer memorable performances of these inspiring songs. The Narrative readings by actress Sheila Craig are rendered in a warm and heartfelt manner. Together with the music, the messages are very touching and uplifting.

Elegantly presented in a durable, attractive gift case, each beautiful keepsake Theme presentation contains a CD or Cassette Tape, a lovely greeting card, bookmark and lyric Theme booklet which also includes other informative data about the production and the artists.

The Theme titles are Faith and Courage, Hope, Love, Truth and Friendship. Moderately priced, these 5 exclusive keepsake presentations make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Listen to samples songs and purchase individual CD's, tapes or combination sets through this website.

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